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Sacred Socials 

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Your Journey Starts Here

Sacred Soul is your new space for yoga,movement,
meditation, contemplation & community. 



We welcome old members, new members to join us in studio or via Zoom. We are fortunate to enjoy some good technology in the studio which allows the teacher to be zoomed in via a large screen or if you join us on Zoom you'll be lifesize as well.

It is an exciting week re opening. Please dont hesitate to call us, reach out if you have any questions or concerns. The teachers in studio are all double vaccinated, we are adhearing to the NSW Govt Guidelines, and also minimising our class sizes so everyone feels like they have some good space around them. 


So what does this mean? 
We request that members refrain from speaking about Covid, the vaccine, vaccine passports and politics whilst in the studio. Everyone’s opinion is valid, and we recognise this, but there is enough discussion everywhere in the world and for many the studio will be their escape from the chaos of COVID. ⁠
The studio is your space, and it's our job to provide an uplifting, positive and fun environment. ⁠⁠
This also goes for us as teachers too, we need a safe space to practice, teach, laugh, live and bring our love of yoga to you our lovely members.   ⁠So as we reopen this week we can get back to the beautiful basics of moving with our mind, body and soul. As the year unfolds we'll then shuffle as to what our members need, different class times, more or less zooms. 

See you on a mat this week guys!  ⁠

At Sacred Soul our plan isn't to be the biggest studio in the Sutherland Shire, but the most connected. We are a boutique sanctuary where like-minded people of all ages, shapes, sizes, & ability can create yoga shapes with their bodies whilst also creating stretch, strength, stability, and space. The studio is based in Caringbah and currently, classes are limited to 14. 


Real People, Real Results, & Real Yoga 

The Vinyasa classes are classical yoga-inspired but with functional biomechanics, and our Yin class is slower and more delicious. Some classes are easy, some more challenging, but we always have a laugh. The studio is relaxed in our approach & nature, you come with full permission to make your class what you need it to be. We have an ongoing program for beginner yogis, so don't feel you are the only one who can't touch your toes. We like to mix it up, so don't be surprised to see a random hip hop yoga class pop up. 


Kylie is funny, down to earth and has the most passionate encouraging ways to help me move my body. I have now lost 7 kilos and the yoga I do with her each week is a big part of my success.

- Isabelle Shaw

Want to get in touch?

Keen to find us?


0418 228 789 Kylie


Level 1, 4 Park Lane,

Caringbah NSW 2228