Your Resort Hideaway.... 

Is this you in March 2021? 

Only 2 spots left ! 

A Wellness Program curated for regular people like you and me.
We have moved the retreat this year to support our South Coast.
Limited to 10-12 yogis only. 

Benefits - what to expect

what's behind the program 

Renew & Recharge

Sometimes we just need to stop, slow down and rethink what we do, what we eat,  and look after ourselves.

Yoga & Meditation

Have you always wanted to learn, or practice each day. Designed for beginner yogi's looking to explore how the strength & stability you practice on the mat can be transferred to daily life. 

General Health

The pace of our lives & the information we hear about health is confusing, confronting & sometimes impossible to incorporate. We offer practical, usable workshops to take home & improve your life. 

Weight Loss

It seems everyone is keen to move some unwanted kilos, without sacrificing lifestyle. You'll be pleasantly surprised what can be achieved and learnt in 5 days 


Vegetarian, 5 star & delicious, using local seasonal ingredients  pre -pared daily by our chef

Return back to yourself. 

With the beautiful hills and countryside, hike the fields, breath the country air, so find rest.  We encourage everyone to fill their spare time with the things they really love to do, or need to do.  There are plenty of  options and none are mandatory.  Make this a retreat for yourself, and dont think  you have to be an amazing yogi to attend. 

Meet Your Host 

Kylie-Ann Bryant

Kylie has a passion yoga, connection & community. I would like  to help others live their life to the fullest, in happy, harmonious and healthy ways.  Research shows us that movement has more to offer than what we all first think. 

Like most of us I was on a life path of busy & distracted with all the non fulfilling diversion and actually slowing down & finding a calmer & more peaceful path through yoga has been a remedy for anxiety, self doubt; a journey that will continue as my life unfolds. As a mother, I ams easy going & I really appreciate that we are all different and all have our own needs & limitations. The yoga & meditation I teach cater to the imperfect yogi, looking for stillness, movement & inner exploration.

Perfection went out the door 10 years ago!

Our Retreat Hideaway.... same program new dates.