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Benefits of Retreats

Spending time away from our normal lives allows us the opportunity to really reset and find the mental headspace that change sometimes requires. Our lives these days are so busy that the minutes we need to be contemplative about our choices, or finding new choices is diminished. So a retreat is an excellent way to throw whatever elements are and are not working for you into the universe and see what lands where.

Being reflective, without then bashing yourself up if you've made bad choices, is a healthy thing we should all be doing, and if you can then do it in a group setting, with supportive people around you all the more fun but also all the more interesting.

The Sacred Soul Wellness Program is designed to open up new space both internally and externally for you to make the changes you are looking for. Some you will be expecting, and others will be delicious bonuses.

What works for one person is not always going to work for everyone. We are all unique and the one thing we all have in common is that looking after ourselves doesn't always come first. Families, work and our other commitments are very good at hijacking any plans we have for change. When you are on retreat and away from home you are in a bubble of no distraction which allows you that time to really be introspective on what serves you. If the retreat you choose has workshops attached you also have the freedom to explore the new information you are learning. So choose your retreat carefully.. here is a little list of the things I think are really important when choosing who to go with..

  1. What is on the program and has it been well thought out ?

  2. Why am I going and do I think I'll achieve that?

  3. Who is behind the retreat - do they know what they are doing?

  4. What is the culture ?

  5. Can I afford it?

  6. Is the timing right?

  7. What is the accommodation like (I like a nice comfy bed)

  8. Who else is going? and do I think I'll like them...

There are many things to consider.... and plenty of retreat options out there, but I warn you :) once you have done one retreat and really enjoyed all it has to offer you'll be back finding another. If you want to ask some of the questions above to us just reach out. With love and light

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