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The Cheapest form of medication?

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Fresh’ drinking Water. Could this thirst quenching fluid be the cheapest form of medication on the planet? An essential ingredient for anti-aging?

Do you know how many glasses you need for your body everyday? Everybody needs a different amount, there are seasonal considerations and also your weight will affect how much. If you are a big guy, you'll naturally need more water.

Water is the primary “transporter fluid” of the body and our billions of cells more happily perform their daily functions in this well hydrated interstitial fluid. Eventually cells attempting to perform their duties in dehydrated conditions will become exhausted and understandably unhappy human body cells and internal organs.

Chronic dehydration can have disastrous health effects. Asthma, arthritis, heart and lung related issues can all stem from insufficient hydration levels with-in the body.

It’s so important to incorporate a wise water consumption plan into our daily routines. After all the secret of success in great health can be our daily routine.

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